Hi everyone! I need some advice with fixing one of my prints. In the attached image- I can’t seemto figure out why it prints with small gaps at the bottom of the “D”. I’ve had this issue with a few other prints where it is a very small section that messes up. Any help appreciated! Thanks!!

I have a monoprice select mini 2.

Check your slicer preview, does it show the gap? How many top layers? What is your top layer extrusion multiplier at?

It doesn’t show in the slicer preview- looks perfect in preview.

Hi @User_6914 looks to me like you don’t have enough top layers. I usually aim for at least 1mm thickness for both top and bottom and/or 5-6 layers, depending on layer height, so you’d only need 5 layers at 0.2mm layer height, but maybe as many as 10 for 0.1mm height (though 8 is usually enough). If I’m reading the screenshots correctly (and I apologise, I don’t use Cura), it looks like you’ve only got 3 layers top/bottom (0.6 thickness, 0.2mm layer height) and that’s rarely going to be enough. Try increasing your top/bottom thickness to 1.0.

First of all, take out a caliper and measure your filament in a bunch of places, then calculate the average diameter and enter that into the Diameter box. After that increase your bottom/top thickness to 1.2mm, and raise the temperature by 6-10 degrees then try this print again.

Thank you for the help! With that change- so far, so good!!