Good afternoon,

I am trying to start up my SLA printing and prototyping projects and was wondering how you guys price your SLA and resin and everything… I’m just trying to find a baseline model to work from so that I’m not over charging or under pricing prints. I know with the resin and accuracy of a form 2 things are a bit different than my pla and abs price list. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you for your time

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I think I would approach it the same though. What is your total cost of resin and consumables then figure out how much per gram or print then add profit margin and other costs you want like electricity or you time.

I have a similar model for my SLA as my ABS and PLA pricing but I guess what I’m getting at is how do you charge on how accurate and detailed it is? Like 200 micron versus 50 micron resolution wise?


I don’t do SLA so I don’t know on specifics. My thoughts would be this though. Does a 50 micron print use more material or consumables than a 200?

If I where looking at FDM then I am probably using pretty much the same amount of material. The things that change are time spent, electricity and maybe more risk of a failed print.

So I am going to look at what is actually different and is it something I need to charge for.

Just some thoughts.