Hi, I’m currently using a FDM printer - Tevo Tarantula, it is open enclosure, in a regular room with a window open with a small breeze. I work especially with ABS, PETG and TPU.

I recently thought about switching to a SLA/DLP printer like Anycubic Photon or Wanhao D7, those are relatively cheap and seem to work well, BUT, WHAT ABOUT THE RESINS?

Disclaimer: I’m not a toxicity professional but only have personal concerns.

I know one should wear gloves and avoid direct contact with those resins, I also read that resins irritate skin (toxicity 2/5) and are highly dangerous (level 3/5) for organs**, so I couldn’t understand how people let themselves bring home those materials!

Well, It came up to my mind that without noticing, as I said, using an unenclosed 3d printer, I’m also exposed to plenty of odors and burnt cheap Chinese plastic that I breath and touch on a daily basis.

So, my general question is, whether using resins is as dangerous as it looks like or that doesn’t matter, I’m already messing with these materials with my FDM printer?

Thank you, Dan.

**ALL DATA TAKEN FROM WANHAO RESIN SUPLLIER - http://monocure3d.com.au/v/vspfiles/MSDS/Chemwatch%20Australian%20MSDS%203D%20PIGMENTED-Standard-Rapid.pdf**