9 printing runs and still under warranty.

We are selling for 60% of retail, the printer itself is now at Sinterit and has been revised. The rest of the warranty will be transferred over to the new owner.

We are selling the Lisa (with the protective packaging), unopened powders and their powder Sieve.
We have almost a full container from the powder sieve with print ready powder that you get for free together with the protective packaging for the Lisa. The manuals and documentation and the tools needed for cleaning out the print plus some extra we bought for convenience. Since we bought a larger sandblasting cabin and still have use for it, it would be better to buy your own if you want one (highly recommended).

4990 euro: Lisa
990 euro: Powder Sieve
120 euro: 1x unopened Print ready powder
440 euro: 2x unopened Fresh powder
260 euro: 1x unopened Flexa Black powder

Total of 6800 euro cost, at 60% = 4080 euro.

You can come to us to see everything is there and in order.


We are very interested,
Some questions:
Where are you from?
Is Multigon the company?
Why was it revised?

Can we call you for more information?
email us:

Kind regards

Hello Ruben, my response should be in your inbox


Please send some more info to also.


Hi Multigon

Can you confirm if this is the Lisa or the newer Lisa 2nd gen machine? and does the update you talk about convert it?

Would you share why you are selling it.

Could I will PM you for an email.


  1. We are from Antwerp in Belgium
  2. Multigon is a working name, ontoonto is the company
  3. To be sure everything was in order and more the ongoing warranty over to you from Sinterit itself
  4. Sure, I’ll add my phone number in emails.

I hope this helps!

Hello bear30, this is not the 2nd gen machine, I don’t think Sinterit changed it to the latest version, they just checked that everything was in order and replaced a belt to have it all new.
Printing with powder is nice because yo udon’t have supports but I don’t have work for it.