Hi there,

is anyone able to use the Printing-Functionality via USB in Simplify3D together with the Dremel 3D40?

When the Print Studio-Software provided by Dremel is installed, S3D won’t connect because the Interface is already in use (background services). When the software is uninstalled, it’ll connect, however the print-process stops right after the heat-up, while telling the print is already done.

Any suggestions here? I’m a bit disappointed, as S3D is advertising it’s compatibility to Dremel.

Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest checking the S3D forums but mainly to contact S3D support. Not familiar with the printer so I’m no help there.

I have had it work, but its not as reliable. I have since changed my workflow.

1. model in sketchup

2. export stl in mm.

3. fix stl using https://makeprintable.com/

4. download to sd card.

5. print from sd card.

This has saved me a ton of trouble. anytime I deviate from this, I add time to the process.

also, you dont have the dremel tool open at the same time do you?

If you have the dremel software open first, it will bind the usb device to that software, making it unavailable to simplify3d.

you will need to install the dremel software, but close it before opening simplify3d.

what version are you on? I have not used the usb connection for a year, so versioning could be an issue.

Thanks for your answers.

So, the Support answered me, they are aware of the issue and hopefully will release a fix soon.

Printing from USB-Drive works fine, so far. It’s just an extra plus of comfort and some nice functions, which would be added over USB-to-PC.

The software was closed, however there are some background services, that are stopping S3D from

getting feedback by the printer. Still, without software installed, it’s not going beyond the point of heating up when printing.

Latest firmware and S3D.