The problem began after I had just finished a print. I removed the previous print from the build plate like I normally would but then when I went to preheat the build plate for my next print I noticed that the nozzle temp was stuck at 339° I powered down the printer because the number would only toggle between 338°-340° once I was sure that the printer had time to cool, I powered on the printer, yet the preheat settings still said that the nozzle was at 339°. I touched the hotend and it was cold.

I emailed mono price asking for assistance. It has been over a month now so I am trying to find a solution. I already opened the printer and tried unplugging all the wires from the board and plugging them back in. This did not work. So I dismantled the hotend and discovered that the nozzle was jammed. I removed the obstruction hoping this would fix the problem, unfortunately it did not. It is also worth mentioning that my previous maker select mini had the same problem but with the heated build plate instead. I contacted mono price about that issue and they sent me a replacement.