Just wanted to share this with the community. It’s my 10 year old son Jaydon’s school homework. Inspired by another model on Thingiverse, but he worked out the scales, modelled it from scratch on Tinkercad and we printed on my Ultimaker before he painted it.

The model is public and available on Tinkercad (and Thingiverse). We used toothpicks as label flags, but if I were to suggest a tinker, maybe more planet names.

Jaydon put hours of hard work into this, and it was so late in the year he didn’t really get as much recognition for his hard work at school as I would have liked, so I am hoping to get lots of likes on his Tinkercad account.

I was very happy with how well it printed on my Ultimaker 2 as well. Help yourselves to the model on Thingiverse and please share if you print it :slight_smile:



Looks good! I did something similar with my son. You have the Saturn and Jupiter labels swapped.

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Hi Gregh,

That’s a super cool project, I really love it!

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I know, thanks. I forgot all about that when I posted, but I don’t have any updated pics handy. I will need to update the posting(s) though, because you won’t be the last to point it out I’m sure :).

Well done Jaydon!!

He forgot Pluto :slight_smile: The sadness of having an extra ocean and one less planet since high school.

This is a very nice project thanks for sharing!

Thanks. Very proud of his work.

Pluto would have been 0.85mm diameter at this scale. With Pluto’s new designation, and a decision to be made about scaling, I think we made the joint decision to leave it off. sorry, I feel kinda bad for Pluto now.

Well you can always go and add it in!!!

Seams Great! I fixed somewhat like with my daughter. You take the Saturn and Jupiter labels swapped.
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