The RZR MKR™ competition has been awesome and we’ve seen some amazing 3D printed razor handles created by people all over the country. We’re delighted to announce the winning designs that will be on display in the RZR MKR™ shop in BOXPARK, Shoreditch the 9th – 14th of August. We hope you and your friends will come to the shop to design, personalise and 3D print your own razor handle!

We want to thank everyone who has taken part in the competition. The time, skill and passion you’ve put into your designs has been brilliant. We were very impressed by the number and quality of the entrants and we’ve had great fun seeing them take shape. We’ve judged the handles on a mixture of aesthetics, functionality and suitability for 3D Printing. Here are your winners:

First Place: Nathan Macabuag ( wins £500 3D Hubs Vouchers and £300 Cash)

We love Nathan’s design – a well thought through approach to a shaving challenge and beautifully presented. Nathan is an engineering undergrad with a secret passion for comic books and all things design. He’s new to 3D printing but has become hooked through his love of prototyping and making models. Congratulations!

Second Place: Anna Bernbaum ( wins £250 3D Hubs Vouchers and £300 Cash)

Anna is a London based design engineering student who chose to make a design for the Venus range. She has beautifully combined elegance with ergonomics and designed a lovely razor handle.

Third place: Riyadh Rateme (wins £100 3D Hubs Vouchers and £300 Cash)

Riyadh’s design focusses on solving an issue; it’s a two part design that collapses to shield the blades when not in use. Simple yet effective. Well done!

Fourth place: Heath Townsend (wins £100 3D Hubs Vouchers and £300 Cash)

Heath used his 3D design background to produce a beautifully organic handle inspired by nature. It pushes what 3D printers are capable of but is simple and elegant.

Fifth place: Billie Moore (wins £100 3D Hubs Vouchers and £300 Cash)

Billie’s handle was very simple stylish. Comfortable to hold and designed to be 3D printed, we thought it answered the brief very well.

We also wanted to give a special mention to Simone Fontana and Alistair Dean who just missed out on the top spots – both very strong designs.

Thank you to all of you who entered – we’ll get your printed designs fitted with Gillette components and posted out to you for you to use.

Remember, we still have an amazing Ultimaker 2+ to give away, come along to the RZR MKR™ shop in BOXPARK, Shoreditch on the 9th – 14th of August to take part and be in with a chance of winning! You’ll see these and many other designs on display and you’ll be able to design, personalise and 3D print any handle you want!

See you in BOXPARK,

The RZR MKR™ Team


Pretty amazing entries! The winning design is genius, now if only I had a beard


Is there a way we can see the winning entries?

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Hi Perry, they are in the image above.

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It was such a lovely experience meeting all the wonderful winners of the competition yesterday!

Looking forward to all your wonderful future designs!