im getting this wierd texture. what would cause this?


Moisture in the filament? How new is it, and how has it been kept dry?

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Couple of days after last print and that printed fine. And i kept it in the open

Clean out the nozzle, lubricate it with olive oil and print again. That should fix it.

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I agree that it is moisture in the filament. try to follow the directions on this site and see if there is an improvement.

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it isnt moisture the same thing happend with newly opened petg. I Think the nozzle mayby partial clogged could this be the case?

lubricate what with oil the nozzle?

Yes, lubricate inside the nozzle, if its hard to take out unload the filament and use a syringe.

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Only 2 things come to mind here:

1) Bad material qualify (can happen if you store the filament without a sealed container in an especially moist environment)

2) You extruder motor is intermittently skipping steps

Potential things to try:

1) Try with other materials to see if it’s a material specific issue.

2) Wipe the first 1ft of the filament with a thin layer of Olive oil before reloading it in the machine.

3) Clean out your extruder gears and nozzle.

I am trying to achieve a “rough” texture on a automotive part that I am printing. Any ideas how I can do this? Thanks R

Over-extrusion usually produces blobs and zits on the surface, though you’d have to watch for buildup on the nozzle.

If using cura you can experiment with the fuzzy skin settings.