I was curious what print speed people are reaching, while maintaining reasonable quality, with the Robo R1+. I just got mine a week ago and am currently printing at 120mm/s with little to no quality issues. The review here on 3D Hubs indicates that this printer’s print speed is 50mm/s – I’m curious why they chose this number.

Any way, what is the maximum safe speed that this hardware is capable of printing at before something catches on fire or breaks, or the quality shows significant issues? :wink:


I like to print at 50mm which is safe. 100 mm is the max.

For easier, no feature or surface rich objects I can go with 80 mm/s making the appropriate heat adjustments. For more intricate, small or otherwise tricky parts I go as low as 30 mm/s. It all depends on what you are doing and how you plan to do it. Not all parts should be printed the same, for the sake of the desired results in the overall project. I use Simplify3D, allows me to do different speeds/settings at different stages of the print which really comes in handy and can slash printing times by 1/3 on extreme cases. But that’s just my experience. Happy printing!

60mm/s is our Robo’s sweet spot. We usually never go past 80mm/s unless we run a speed test.

65mm/s for me - it’s worth noting that quality issues at higher speeds might only surface under certain circumstances, e.g. when printing something tall and thin. The bed moving in the Y axis is one reason it’s not great for high speeds.

I’ve been running 140mm/s and the results have not convinced me to go any slower. But I’ve been printing track pieces for the most part, which are pretty straight-forward prints.