Hi fellow 3D printing enthusiasts,

Because we all have spare parts or filament we doen’t use (anymore) I did create a website where we can easily get rid of those leftovers.
So its basicly a classified website for 3D printers and accessoires.

Its really just up a few hours so there are just 3 ads from myself.
Feel free te add your spares you don’t use anymore and/or share the link with others.



Good idea! I’m going to put some IGUS bearings I bought on there. I bought too many. :slight_smile:


Hopefully many will follow next, because this wil only be a succes if there are a lot of people placing advertisements so its interesting for everyone to browse it :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe I’ll find some more things to put on there.

I just posted about your website on the 3D Printing Google+ community.


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