Im looking to inquire about getting molds made for concrete casting.

I have no idea about the limitations with 3d printing so please tell me if something like this is impossible. Im a student at UAL London College of Communication studying Graphic Design and this will be part of my final second year project.

Ive made some basic prototypes, the text would be raised from the zig zag design by about 5mm.


Im not sure what dimensions are viable for something like this, im guessing the bigger the more expensive. These prototypes are approx 25cm x 25cm , height approx 5-7cm.

I would like to make a series of 3 or 4 but unsure how much something like this would cost


few more images, this would be a solid piece ignore the space inbetween the zig zags

Hi Paul,

This looks like something I could help you with. Are you creating the 3D models or do you need me to help you with those too?

Please start an enquiry on my hub and we can talk through it. It’s definitely feasible.