I came in this morning to find my overnight print (which I have done many times before) stopped working mid print about 4-5 hours into a 10 hour print. Since the printer is in a school that is air conditioned, I do have a heater about 0.5m away from the right side (when looking at the lcd screen) of the printer that has kept the printer warm enough to not have layer delaminations.

When I came in there was a bunch of wigging of the filament near the top layers. The LCD screen was blank/off and unpowered. The D-Pad also was dead and unresponsive. The printer’s white light was on. Nothing was moving and nothing when back to it home position (this is similar to a power loss, but the breaker was good and the power brick still had its blue light on).

My first thought was it was overheaded, but I have done many 8-10 prints overnight with the fan without a problem. So I doubt it was a overheating issue, but I turned off the fan just in case.

Powered Down and UP: Then I turned the printer off, unplugged the power cable, waited a full 60 seconds and then plugged it back in and turned it on. This time the printer light did not come back on and still the LCD display is dead. The D-pad next to it always was dead. There were no startup beeping sounds. I have manually touched the stopper sensors and the small red LEDs do turn on which means there is power coming into the unit.

Possibly Related: Yesterday the Makerbot Print was updated to 2.8 and when we ran print jobs for anything circular, the extruder would shake/vibrate. I have read that there is an acceleration option in the printer’s menu but without a working LCD display, I can’t know for certain.

What could it be? Thoughts? HELP!!! Please

I think that it is either a motherboard replacement or motors have burnt out, but I am just guessing. How could I verify either before buying replacement parts?

hi, I had the same issue, turn out that the Crystal clock stopped working… the power surges impulses is not protected correctly.

check with a scope if you have the 16Mhz going on…

Something popped… Plain and simple. I have seen this failure over and over, and have fixed a couple dozen Mightyboards that were just like this.

It’s no the oscillator crystal on them, its usually something shorted or failed and blew the mightyboard. If you take apart the front display unit you will probably find U4 and U5 under the button board are blown, U5 usually ends up with a hole in its center, but not always. I have seen some completely burn a hole in the board after being left powered up for a long time after failure.

Also pull all the Stepbots and inspect them, you might find one of them has a blown IC on them as well, the little square A4982 IC on the bottom side of the Stepbot board is usually visibly dead when they get blown up, but again, some die quietly!

I repair Mightyboard, Front Display, and Stepbots. Lately i have been doing them by the dozen. So if your having issues with one just drop me an email and i can help. crazyhamsales@gmail.com