I have been printing with my FFCP for nearly 3 years, and recently my nozzles are clogging more frequently and often under extruding…

Diagnosis: Time for new extruder heads.

Can anyone please recommend (from experience) an online shop to buy from… Want quality, but also cheap!!!


I got some Micro Swiss full metal hot ends and they work just fine. Not sure what your definition of “cheap” is, but if this is the first time you’ve replaced the nozzles in 3 years, $25 or so a year seems like a bargain for two… Check around as they’re also sold by Amazon and others…

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Hi @3Dmigos

I have an on-line store that has some suitable brass nozzles, based in the UK


http://m.ebay.com/itm/QIDI-TECHNOLOGY-4-0-4mm-nozzles-and-4-ptfe-tube-for-3d-printer-/331881901543?nav=SEARCH These work like a champ and comes with the tubes.

I have found

http://unclechucks3dprinterstuff.com/ to be the best source for most of my Flashforge replacement parts (also Wanhao and other Makerbot clones).

Spend the extra money on these, definitely worth it. Nozzles - 3DXTECH

Before you order…

I too encountered this issue after a few years of printing on my FFCP. I think that stuff clogs up the nozzle and cannot pass out the .4 mm hole so you have to floss it up and out.

I removed both extruder motors and then heated both nozzles up to 245. I then take one strand from a stainless steel wire about a foot long thread it up the nozzle (nozz). I then floss the nozzle a few times with a new strand each time and the pull single strand out the top. As it comes out the top it pulls with it plastic from within the nozzle. I do this 3 times on each nozz and then put it back together.

My printer printed like new afterwards. I was amazed. I now do this every few months depending on how well the filament comes out the nozzle. If the filament corkscrews out while extruding then I do it. The whole process takes about 15 min.

Please try it before you buy some un needed stuff that can cause more problems.

But if your set on buying something I really like E3D products. I use a V6 and a Volcano and a Titan extruder.

Boo: “Does not ship to United Kingdom”