Hello to all!! Please help )) I did not get the right shape of result( the top side is moved to one side with about 15mm and continued to print… the result is like this one https://pp.userapi.com/c637425/v637425258/52e86/cG7_G7rE24E.jpg

Ok something is slipping or it is hanging up and catching… Check the gears on motor shafts, all of them, make sure gears are tight and belts are tight more info is needed…Have you watched it to see what is happening during the layer shifting? Print Quality Guide | Simplify3D Software

From a loose belt or poor adhesion to the bed

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the G code has an Error also your going to need to Reset your Printer and Update your Script in your Printer… I avoid this in the Future you need to Check your Models for inside surfaces and double edges. this will cause this type of Error. Any slight error before G coding and you will get this result. toe Error will be Magnified. this is also caused by your Belts not being tight enough and the X or Y skipping Check that your Nozzle is not intersecting your Build. it is also caused by your Motors not receiving enough power so they perform a half step instead of a full step set you PW to 13.56 VDC It can be as High as 14.5VDC Only do this if your Voltage on your Heat Bed output from your board is less then 12.96VDC. your supply needs to be tuned to your Board.

Hi Abai, you have to tight the X-Axis belt.

Hello I know about this problem, The problem is in End stop there is a cold junction, Check your connection between RAMPS and enstops.

The Repetir Firmware has build in watch dog which checking the end-stops state during the print. When the connection with end-stops is broken ,

the axis start move only in positive direction, from end stop .

Hi @Abai__Aubakirov,

From the pictures, I can see 2 immediate issues.

1. You need to increase your bed temperature and print slower because your corners have warped. You can also use water soluble glue or kapton tape to improve the adhesion. I am guessing you printed it with ABS.

2. For the layer shifting you should tighten all your belts and make sure your drive pulleys are tight (tighten the set screws).

See here for more tips: Print Quality Guide | Simplify3D Software

Good luck!