I just stumbled over this new site:

They do offer a solution for refilling uprint and uprintSE chips with a special programmer.
They also have a Brick Blocker which blocks the printer from bricking the chips when they run down to 0%!

Check out the videos below:

I think this is awesome news. Will get me some of these.



I purchased one of these last year and it now works with the SE series of uPrint printers. Its only $100.

Hi rmigliac,

the one you mentioned is only usable with the Uprint itself.

The one I mentioned is a standalone programmer. It can program the chips directly.

Also the Brick Blocker is what most of us do need. What happens if you run down to 0% on your printer?
Mine just bricks the chips. So refilling is impossible with any kind of cable/programmer.


Hi Breaker,

The seller recently did a software mod and it now works with the Uprint SE as well. But yes, you have to hook it up to the serial port and have the cartridge installed. I was a beta tester. But you’re right if you run it down to zero. But this is something I have never done, I always change the cartridge early so I don’t run out in the middle of a print.