Is it possible to read the printer settings in a GCode file?

I have a test file that came with a printer and am curious to see what settings are used.


In some cases, yes, in others, no. You can open the file in a text editor and see.

So some things in the gcode file are readable, such as the actual gcodes and the mcodes that make up the print.

But settings that are created from the slicer might be missing, unless the slicer sends that information in the comments as it generates the gcode.

Gcode from Simplify3d, for example, contains a TON of settings information in the comments of the gcode. But still, some key settings are missing, or I just cant find them?.

Load it up in something like Repetier and look at the gcode editor. There are usually a few setting in the beginning, like extrusion diameter, but most are located at the very end of the code.


Do you tried ?

Some of the better slicers have sections of comments that describe the settings in details others just don’t use comments at all, Cura is another example of a slicer adding its settings to the beginning of the gcode file and can even retrieve the settings from a gcode file that was sliced by Cura.