3D Hubs, can you show me how to re-order a previous job without having to go through the entire process of choosing a model and a print service again? Its such a logical obvious thing to want to do, I must admit I had assumed it must be possible. Is it?


THIS is a great question.

You could contact the hub you had it printed at previously, click on “contact” on their hub home page.

They can create an order, putting in just the price, so you do not need to reload the items.

But a REORDER THIS PRINT button is a GREAT idea! I can’t believe I did not think of it myself. Might increase repeat business!


That’s a great suggestion @DAVIDOCOIMIN! At the moment there isn’t a button to reorder a print, however if you submit your idea here, it will go straight to our development team.

Why isn’t this implemented yet?

Hi there,

This was implemented a few months ago, however with the new changes coming, this will no longer be live.

Since Talk Manufacturing is for discussing manufacturing processes and not 3D Hubs itself, I’ve gone ahead and closed this thread. Please feel free to reach out to support@3dhubs.com if you have any questions.

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