You will be surely impressed by the upcoming great Raise3D printers. Take a look at the preview page at Raise3D 3D Printers - Raise the Standard of 3D Printing by Edward@Raise3D — Kickstarter, or you can enjoy the product video just on - YouTube.

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Info about the differentiation points of Raise3D N-Series:

High-resolution 0.01mm

Huge build volume, up to 12 * 12 * 24 inches

Aluminum inner frame for increased rigidity

7 inch capacitive touchscreen with easy-to-use GUI

Freescale imx6, Quad core 1Ghz ARM processor

All-metal hot-end up to 300 degrees Celsius: 10+ verified types of filament

Remote monitoring and print job management, via Ethernet/Wi-Fi

Resume printing after a power interruption

16 expansion ports allow customization with digital and analog I/O

Easy access to load filament on the right side of the machine (N2/N2 Plus)

Clear acrylic cover to extruder for easy filament loading

Transparent and removable full enclosure

Heated print-bed, pre-aligned at the factory (N2/N2 Plus), leveling-free

Dual ball-screw Z-axis (N2/N2 Plus)

Dual extruder (optional)

Onboard Camera (optional)

* All N-Series printers on a network can be managed and shared using ideaMaker, allowing you to create a remotely controlled and monitored 3D printer farm (planned for 2016).

* All 3-printers in the series are equally easy to use and maintain, once you know how to use one, you can use them all.

Raise3D will launch Kickstarter campaign for the new line of 3D Printers, the Raise3D N-Series, on Wednesday, October 14, at 2 pm EDT.

Just want to follow up this talk. Today, Raise3D Kickstarter Campaign hit the goal $50,000 within 41 mins after kickstart and $100,000 within 6 hours. Thanks for the backers all around the world.