I just got a set of Igus bushings for my Prusa i3 clone, because the bearings included in the kit were garbage. I mounted all the bushings, and the Y axis was fine, but the X axis binds a bit in the last inch to the right, and the Z axis was almost completely bound up (the nuts for the threaded rods came loose). I traced the issue on the Z axis to me being a bonehead (I put masking tape on the bushings so they would stay in place better, they deformed and clamped down on the smooth rods), and the X axis smooth rods might not be exactly parallel.

So now that I’ve looked into how I was supposed to actually mount them, it looks like I need to use circlips at the ends of the bushings to hold them in place, but I’m not 100% sure about that. If I’ve got that right, the issue is that the plastic parts where the bushings go don’t have a place (a groove?) to hold the circlips. How can I keep them in place without circlips (if possible), and if I’m wrong about the whole circlip thing, how does that actually work?