I have a qidi tech ive had it for about 5 months and i havent used it much only a few small prints. I started on a larger project (about 48 hours of printing) and when it statted it was perfect, but after a while it started making some clicking sounds. The print is going fine, but the clicking noise has gotten worse. I think its a lubrication thing but am not sure? This is my first 3d printer and i wanted sone advise.

I made a little video on instagram so you can it in action https://instagram.com/p/BSHLsfNBqoi/

I am not really hearing it but I can check later when I can turn it up. If it is extruding ok then it may just be the bearings or something. Might want to clean the rods or just give it time to settle back in.

Keep an eye on it.

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The weird thing is that its printing fine , and it started doing this gradually. Am scared to disassemble it since am not exacly an expert. When you say rods, do you mean the ones in the side? It doesnt seam to be coming from the extruder more like the sides. Is this normal? One person on instagram told me that its normal for it to make noise. I tried a small new print without doing anything to it, it started making the noise right away. Do you think i should take it to a shop and get it checked? Thank yo for taking the time to give me advice on this !!!

You might try making or getting something to print like a flat rectangle that covers most of the bed and let it start on that and see if you can narrow down the noise. This would allow it to make long moves before direction changes. Does it make the noise while moving front to back or side to side or when it changes direction.

Well when it goes slow, it dows crackle as much. And it makes the noise when it moves front to back. And by printing something rectangular , would that fix it? Or is it a way to measure something? Am trying to research and see how i can maybe clean it myself (?) it started making the noise after a loooong print so maybe its just dirty? Maybe just cleaning the rods like you said?

The idea of something rectangular, same as the bed, was to let it move around fully to identify exactly the condition or motion when it makes the noise.

If it doesn’t do it when the extruder moves side to side then that rules out the X axis for the most part. Does it only do it when the extruder is near the front, near the back or closer to the middle. Only when it is on the left, or on the right. These are some of the questions to ask when you hear it. What is the position of things?

As far as cleaning just wipe the smooth rods with a lint free towel and add a few drops of a light oil and wipe onto the rods. The bearings are sealed anyway so just a little coat on the rods.

Found the same thing happening with mine. It will do this on every type of print. I have cleaned up everything but it still clicks in two places. Everything otherwise is fine. It’s weird because if I just turn it on and print something after the printer had been turned off for a few hours then it takes about 30mins for it to start clicking which is really weird.

Did you ever figure this out? Mine is brand new, and doing the same thing. The clicking is driving me nuts!

All - This is problem with the bearings. You cannot lubricate them as they are sealed. The bearings are located at the back corners where the tram gears connect. The black plastic pieces contain the sealed bearings that turn whenever the print head moves. If they aren’t working right, they click.

Mine did it right out of the box and Qidi confirmed what the problem was based on my video I sent them. Apparently it is a very common issue.

Sometimes they will quiet down over time and sometimes not. Qidi sent me what I needed to fix the problem, so you may want to reach out to them.