Want to create purple 3d sphere so its surrounding mine neck area consisting of 2 parts so once putting it around mine (neck) just click it on. Can any of you explain best aproach so 3d sphere can be created. Was thinking of first doing 3d scan of mine neck area.(don’t know which 3d scanner would be the best to use.) Then putting scan on mine PC and opening it with software which I don’t know the name of it. Then using the software and creating 3d sphere according the scanned dimensions. And making it ready for 3d printing. Gimme all information’s of chipest 3d scanner , which software to use, and where to print it out. Was thinking maybe making a scan then sending the scan to some of you guys to create a purple sphere for me using that 3d software and making it 3d printer ready for printing. It shouldnt be difficult for any of you to create for me nice 3d purple sphere consisting of 2 parts using 3d software and making it 3d printer ready for me…right? Then can print it out and click it around mine neck so it looks nice and purple around nine neck area. Thank you

You should scan your neck, the import it into a modelling software, create a sphere, subtract with boolean your neck model, cut sphere in half, add clips

Could you provide more information about it, Whats software name , tutorial etc.

Go to a 3d scanning office. They can provide you with the 3d scan, when you have that, the sphere is easily done in Meshmixer, Blender etc. search Meshmixer booleans

OK gonna scan neck area in few days.

Scanned mine neck. Could any of you pls create purple sphere surrounding mine neck.in 3d modeling software.(not good with 3d modeling.) And upload design online. Sphere should consist of 2 parts from left and right side surrounding mine neck.it should be click on so it doesn’t fall off once joining together .stl file http://lilfile.com/jpVpor .obj file http://lilfile.com/5XFcaI (Don’t pay attention to mine nose 3d scanner missed mine nose a bit.) So need sphere consisting from right dimensions surrounding mine neck. Need design of sphere so can print it out in 3d printer.