does anyone know how long will it take for the prusa i3 mk2 to print an iphone 7 case with medium quality ? I hope it’s not more than 2.5 hours , aslo is there a 3d scanner that can accurately scan previously made mobile cases so that I can customise them on computer and print them customized (500 dollars maximum) thanks in advance

I can scan to 0.1% accuracy.

For printing, you might want to try SLA instead of FDM.

SLA uses a resin and provides a more accurate and stronger model.

Printing time would be 4+ hours depending on the design.

Take a look at my hub “Legionnaire’s Hub”, I have a few pictures of SLA models. I can also do a flexible print (almost like rubber).

Best of luck


I’m agree with Ted, it’s better to use another print tecnology, like SLA.

I know a FabLab in Milan that print that case with this tecnology in 2h30m more or less.
Also with FDM tech the timing is that, maybe less.