Need to talk with someone about printing a prototype for an invention. Are 3D printers able to making working models at all?


Hi David,

You can almost print everything in 3D. It depends on your invention and how it works. Most of the printers here are FDM that can make your prototype for a decent price. With SLA and other technologies the cost goes higher as the quality. If you can share more info of your prototype then I can help you and give you more details of how we can print and assemble it.

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Hey @David_Ribble, where are you based? Adding your city as a tag to this thread, will trigger notifications to all Hubs in your area that are able to help with your project.

Also can you give more details about the prototype: size, complexity, the type of material needed, etc?

Hi David, You can almost print almost anything with a 3D Printer. We have been printing many working models by FDM printing. Please share your queries on or connect with me at skype - varun.rnd Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers

Hello David,

as the others said; You can print allmost everything indeed with a 3D printer.

But it depends on the file to get it worked, or not.

If you have a file, you can add it to my hub, to see the costs.

Best regards, René