Hi, I have a small “company” called Protoprint that creates 3D printed parts for Remote Controlled cars, competition cars. I’ve till now always printed these parts using FDM printing. Both using a Velleman Vertex and my self made reprap. I know want to expand my possibilities by buying a SLS printer. The biggest advantage for me is that I can print very complex parts, in Nylon! This would open a whole new world for my small business. I’m looking on buying the Sintratec Kit, the affordable desktop SLS printer. Could you please take a look a my whole story and let me know what you think? As you can see am I only trying to get 1/2 of the price of the printer funded. The other half am I going to invest myself. I’m looking forward to your response!



I think you are going in the right direction if you can use my hub one whatever you pay. I will pay you back double.

What doe you mean?