we are a small design studio and we are evaluating the purchase of a 3D color jet print printer to make prototypes. For budget reasons we are oriented on used machines not of the latest technology, and on CJP because it seems a technology to do prototypes cheaper.
We found two machines suitable for our budget: Projet 660 plus and Z Printer Z 650 and we are looking for information regarding costs and availability of materials and management costs … and other suggestions from those who know / use these machines

Thank you

These two machines are, for all intents and purposes, the same. When 3D Systems bought ZCorp they took the Z650, slapped a 3DS logo and some different colored plastic on it, and called it the Projet 660pro.

Starting with an empty machine, it will cost about $9,000 in initial materials just to begin printing, and I’d recommend having additional on-hand so that you can replenish as needed and reduce downtime. If the machines will be seeing pretty heavy, (ie. production level), use, I’d recommend investing in the extended parts warranty since some of the most common parts replaced can cost upwards of $1,000. If you want more specific information let me know.