I believe consumer CNC’s can be made larger and more capable, for cheaper. A design for this is close to being finalized for a machine dubbed the E7; she’s remarkably capable and has a larger build volume than the Shapoko 3 for much less than half the cost. Before we go any further, I could use some feedback from the community on the concept of an affordable CNC.


-Size: 2.6ft*2.6ft*10in (.8m*.8m*.26m)

-Build Volume: 2ft*2ft*2.5in (.6m*.6m*66mm)

-Pre-assembled aluminum frame

-GRBL platform, free CAM software online

-Fits all 70mm diameter spindles

-Nema 17’s for plastic and wood.

-Nema 23’s for Aluminum (Optional)

-Everything needed comes in the box (our spindle motor is optional).

Projected price: $380

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I make these. Steve the buddist.


Not really, my bark is worse than my bite. I am resident in Manchester England. www.acistech3d.uk or facebook Acis Tech 3D ltd.