I just got my first 3D printer, a Monoprice Select Mini #d V2. I could not read the miniSD card so downloaded Cura version 15.04.6 as well as Repetier Host. I checked the COM ports and the printer is in COM4. When I try to print a gcode file, I get various errors in Cura mainly saying “failed to autodetect serial port” even tho it is set to COM4. Even when it queries COM4, it errors. I could print the cat but can’t get anything else to print in either software. Have been in a chat session with Monoprince but they say it is Cura’s issue. So frustrated. Just wanna play.

This is not really a solution to your com port issue, but perhaps worth mentioning! I use my MP Select Mini exclusively with the mini sd card (I know you are having trouble reading that as well) I highly recommend getting a new one it has several benefits; first you can use any version of Cura you like or any other slicer you want. Cura 15.04.6 is really out of date and having access to the latest features is very helpful. Second,and this is the best part, you don’t need to have your computer tethered to the printer. Which means you can use it for other stuff while you wait for that 6hr print to finish.

Thanks for the reply. I will get a more current version of Cura to see if it resolves any of the issues.

I did finally get something to print that I copied to the mini SD card they included. I am very concerned about using that card to insert in the computer, copy a file then insert in the printer and back and forth for every file. Lots of wear and tear. I went to BestBuy and purchased a 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card that says “Speed up to 98MB/S** 653X” but the printer does not see files on it. Even the same files I copied to the included microSD card that did print. Do I need a special type of SD card or does it have to be formatted some how?

One other question: I downloaded a couple of .stl files from Thingiverse and converted them to .gcode in Cura. The one that said it was made for the Select Mini printer printed but the other that did not specify the target printer did not print. Do the gcode files have to be formatted for the specific printer?

You may have trouble with a card that big, I’ve never tried one my self but a lot of people recommend 1 to 4gb cards that are formatted as fat32. I use a 1gb card my self. Apparently, spaces in names can also cause issues see this guide https://support.monoprice.com/link/portal/41053/41056/Article/1021/Why-is-my-printer-not-reading-my-SD-card

As far as STL files go, anything made for printing should work. STL files are machine agnostic. The slicer, Cura in this case, is in charge of taking that 3d model and converting it to machine code (gcode). how you setup Cura is all that matters. In Cura you need to setup your machine profile correctly. This is a good link for that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fc5opbXblo&index=3&list=PLo9XAhOiOzEX9BzHid9t6wK1uLz8vkp3F about 7:36 mins in is the section you’ll want, unless you’re interested in updating PID settings on the machine then start at the beginning, but I would just start with setting up the machine first and getting used to it before messing with firmware or PID settings.

Hope some of this helps cheers!

As per the conditions you mentioned, it could certainly be Cura’s issue if it fails to auto detect the serial port. And this is so due to its outdated nature. Try getting some counterparts.

Thanks. I’ll try the smaller SD card.