Hello, my name is Coma and I am very new to 3D printing. I recently modled a phone case and tried to print it but have has some issues with the print and or Cura setting. I may have some pictures linked if I can find out how. My issue is both the top layers and the infill. I infil is always chunky and not all together. Its as if it gets broken up. With the top layers, its as if it gets under extruded or something??? It completely confuses me because the printer I use at school (same model and brand) works perfectly fine. I am using the Creality Ender 3. Any help?

It looks like a bed leveling problem.

Thats what I figured it was from previous posts on other forums that ive read. I then releveled the bed and the print still came out poor quality, ive printed this model about 3 times and each time it is the same. Each time ive releveled the bed as well

It is well unknown problem with the plastic extruder bracket. I will try to pull the lever back when you are printing, so it gives a bit more pressure to push filament. I am on my fourth Ender3, I got two metal replacement bracket from sellers for free because the under extrusion problem.

You can also ask the technician responsible for the school printer, but I also tend to the version with a plastic extruder bracket. I faced the same problem when I worked immediately took it to the service where I was replaced with an extruder for free under warranty. After that, the writing of the dissertation went much easier and faster, respectively.