Hi everyone,

can someone tell me why in my printer part there is a strange layers?

Resolution layer 50micron.

Thk for your help.

Not certain what the issue is. Is it the slightly circular lines on the top surface? Maybe you can post an image of what it’s supposed to look like and what you feel is wrong.

The top with the “lines” comes from the fact that your shape is not flat and even if it is flat, it is not paralel to the print bed. So the printer creates multiple layers to cover this shape.

Se my pictures from slicer program, with a flat surface printed in diffrent positions. Note how the lines start to appear after an angle of only 1 degrees. Note also that on 90 degrees the big flat area is at it’s best, but the side is not so good. There is this technique that you use a big angle (but not 90 degrees) to have a very good finish on the surface that you are interested, yet still a quite good finish on the other surfaces, this corresponds to the 60 degrees angle from my pictures.

Hope this helps!


Thk al lot.

i have 2 envisiontec and i tryed to print the same object at the same position with the same resin and only in one machine you can see the strange lines.

yes is the slightly circular line.
i have two envisiontec and in only one i get this result.