I have been printing 6 sided dice sets with ABS for about a year and suddenly, after a break of about a month, I started getting bad stringing between the dice. I have a Printrbot Simple Metal with a Ubis 13S hot end using Cura 15.04 and 75% infill. The following is what I’ve done to try and correct the problem.

  • print speed is 50mm/s
  • print with brand new filament
  • reduce temp down to 220
  • raise temp up to 240
  • increase retraction speed to 90mm/s
  • decrease retraction min extrude length to 0.5mm
  • increase travel speed to 200mm/s
  • triple check filament diameter (I even increased and decreased by up to 2mm anyway just to see what it would do)
  • decrease flow rate to 90% (any lower and there are gaps in the die)
  • print with fan on at 0.5mm
  • print with fan off

I may have fiddled with other things but I’ve been messing with it for a few months and may have forgotten something. In the end I’ve reduced the stringing but the blobs are still pretty bad and it takes a lot of finishing work to fix the print. Any thoughts or suggestions are very welcome even if I may have tried it you may have a better combination of actions. Thanks!

*Update* Still not solved unfortunately though it is improved. I’ve done a thorough cleaning on the extruder, tightened the set screw on the drive gear, and slowed down the print (40mm/s). I’m not able to drop the money on a new slicer yet but that is a possible next step. I’ll post an update with any significant changes or solution.