If anyone is looking to improve the print quality on the Metal Plus:

I have uploaded the design:

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Wow, that example print (I assume?) looks flawless! Impressive stuff.


Was there any firmware changes that need to take place on the Metal Plus? I have seen that for the simple metal just dont want to get down the road and find out yes and I am dead in the water.

I have made some personal modifications to the firmware, however; you only actually need to change the steps per mm for the extruder as the ratio is changed on the titan because of the gear wheel. You also need to change the firmware to accommodate for the thermistor used in the E3D v6.

Check out 3D Printing Reviews YouTube as he is currently doing this mod…

I actually got turned on by this idea based on seeing this video and have been stalking your thingiverse mods. But from all my searching, there are rabbit holes with full firmware change while others say what you are saying and increase the thermistor to a setting of 5 and calibrate the steps.

Since you put it out there, is there anything else I should consider with doing this upgrade?

The video is great showing the details but does not cover the software portion so thats why I am asking.

He is currently doing the mod, so expect a new more detailed video soon…

Another mod I have done…