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I just launched a kickstarter with my friends (we reached our goal in 2 hours :smiley: ). In a nutshell the products are PolySmooth and the Polysher, PolySmooth can be printed like PLA then you can put it in the Polysher and after a couple of minutes you get a perfectly smooth part :slight_smile:

My question would be do you guys mind the rough finished on a 3d printed part (I mean the fact that we see the layers?) or not at all? :slight_smile: And if yes why? (is it because it is not beautiful, not easy to paint, not a good touch feeling…)

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Sorry i forgot the link haha :slight_smile:

This is a very interesting idea. As far as I can tell acetone smoothing does essentially the same thing to ABS, but it’s much more of a hassle and (for me at least) must be set up on a per-part basis. Having a seamless device that accomplishes the same effect with minimal effort could be huge. I’m unfortunately not going to back it due to lack of funds, but if it can prove itself in the field I imagine I’d probably purchase one sometime in the future.

As for your question about whether or not I dislike the rough finish: it depends. For me it’s much more about having multiple options rather than just picking either “smooth” or “rough”. When I do a 0.3mm structural print for my next RepRap, more than likely I just want it done as soon as I can, so I really couldn’t care less that the surfaces appear in quite distinct layers and wouldn’t go through the effort to smooth it. On the other hand, if I’m making a purely cosmetic piece I’d love a polished look.

Thank you for your answer @karlzhao314, i agree acetone/ABS does the same thing but what we tried to do is to make a filament much easier to print than ABS (for me i think ABS is really difficult to print but i am sure for some other it is easier) and use alcohol as a solvent because it is easier to find and less nasty than acetone :slight_smile: also we found a technology that we dont need to heat anything to get your part polish :slight_smile: And as you said some people dont polish their part sometimes because they want this rough finish but also sometimes because it is not an easy process to do, so we tried to build a machine which will do the work for you :slight_smile: I believe and i hope people will like it :slight_smile: cheers :slight_smile:

Excellent! Fantastic! I like it!

Very good innovation, guys.

Good luck with the polymaker!

thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: