I recently got a Qidi Tech X-Pro 3D printer, but I am having some trouble with it. I am a noob so please, bear with me. I got the printer about 4 days ago, and it is still having a few problems. These problems are most likely my fault but I still can’t figure them out. When I print with it, the Filomena will raise off the print bed and later in the print cracks will appear which eventually makes the print break. I have leveled the printer many times but it doesn’t seem to help with this problem.

Many thanks

Need a lot more info.
Slicer used
filament type and brand
settings such as bed temp, extruder temp

Most likely things are the bed is not clean.
Gap between the nozzle and the bed is not correct for a good first layer.
Temps are not correct.
Printing too fast.

I got my QIDI X-Pro today, and I’m just about ready to throw it out the window

I’ve used other printers, but this one is driving me mad

I am using the QIDI Print slicer
Taking their base text model
Changing the temperature to be bed 100C, extruder 250C (I’m using ABS), and saving the model with a new name
I’m slathering glue all over the bed, setting the preheat temperatures to bed 100C, extruder 250C as wel
But whatever I do, nothing adheres to the bed, I’m just getting spaghetti
The problem seems to be that as soon as I tell the printer to print and select the new model, it ignores my temperature settings, only heats the bed to 60 and the nozzle to 190 (which sound about right for PLA)
Am I missing a blindingly obvious setting in the slicer software?

Definitely temperature related
I just printed a simple cube, setting the temperatures first, and all worked absolutely fine
Will try a more complex stl file next