I’m looking at doing a few concrete home projects, i’ll like to get some molds printed that can be used to cast concrete and be re-used multiple times.

I would like the finish of the concrete casts to be smooth and potentially quite detailed, i’m looking at producing things like, pendants, vases, bowls, plates etc.

i’m guessing it should be some sort of rubber/silicone but not sure of the type of printers I should be looking for.

Preferably a printer in the london area would be best but happy to use any location really providing delivery is offered.



Hi Aaron, we’re based in London and able to create high detail RTV silicon molds. We’ve not tried casting concrete ourselves but we’ve read it works well - YouTube

We can also supply 3D printed templates if you’d prefer to pour the silicon yourself.

What size molds are you looking to create?

My model size is

The 3d model i have made is actually a mold and made of 3 pieces, you mention a template above what exactly do you mean by this, would that actually require me to model the actual object rather than the mold?

I uploaded my model to 3dhubs to today to get a idea of prices, i have either misjudged 3d printing costs or my model is incorrect getting prices in excess of €10000 does that seem right?

The dimensions haven’t come through, if you can give a rough width / height / depth then I can tell you if it’ll be possible for us to print, as if it’s within our max. printable size then it’ll cost a lot less than that! We can supply silicon molds of the exact models you provide so don’t worry about having to adjust the model. Thanks, Andrew

the object is around 25 cm high, 15 cm wide and deep, what would be the limits I should keep within to keep costs down?

Yeah that’s likely too big for our printer as the largest single piece we can create is 16x12x12 cm, and even then the resin material we use is more expensive than FDM so large parts get expensive quickly.

It might be possible to optimise the mold, if you’re able to send the original shape to us then I can have a look at it and let you know how feasible it is

Yesterday I talked with a friend about concrete casting, and today I see this post. Any info or progress please share it!

I know Vangrei, tthey do concrete objects, but I don’t know if they cast it using 3D printers in the process or if it’s just a different method.

Hi andrew, been busy ilk try and get that model to you later in the week. Thanks

Having cast concrete while silicone molds are great they are expensive you might want to consider a Urethane mold rubber instead less cost and some are made with mold release in the rubber already such as Renyolds Reoflex 30 or 40 wet. they will last a very long time and at a third the cost of silicone

Thanks for the tip