Since a few months do I have an Objet 30 Pro.

It’s a great printer with perfect results, but just printing for the fun is almost not possible, because the printing material is so expensive. If I buy directly from Stratasys, do I pay 275€/kg. Is it possible to buy these materials from another brand?

(It’s one of the reasons that I bought a Leapfrog Xeed - received it on Friday).

What’s the best way after removing the support, to manipulate the surface?


well you can hack the eprom of the filament box and then use other cheaper material


Fair enough! What’s up with those downvotes?

Why did you buy it in the first place, John? What are you printing with it?

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Why the Down votes?

Because that suggestion of hacking EProm should not be put on a public forum. and, if he DOES do it - he is liable to Void his Warranty on his 3D Printer!

John - short answer - no, you can’t buy the Same material supply from a cheaper supplier. Its Chipped - as it has an EPROM within the material cartridge. As BoyDConnor wrote - why did you buy it? You should have known in advance what you were getting into - BEFORE buying the printer!

Did you get this printer used? I assume… I have fallen into the Stratasys Used printer trap. We bought a Dimension printer for $7000 USD (18,000 USD new) and it prints in only Ivory ABS. The filament for model and support need to be purchased through Stratasys. It was $205USD for each one, and now they don’t allow single rolls, I have to purchase both in 5 roll packs. Plus the build plates, and the material to dissolve support, etc. it is not a printer to print FUN stuff on, but real models and such. So I feel your pain.

As John said, the only way to get around it is to hack the device so that it’s check of the filaments/resins/etc. always works.

Try Argyle materials. I have a Stratasys too expensive.

Their are trick you can do with the plate to reuse them too

I recently purchased a Stratasys U-Print SE Plus 3D FDM-style printer. I thoroughly researched the low-cost market and, although not low cost by any stretch ($20K), I settled on that model for features and productivity confident that I could compete with the low-cost machines easily. I had plans to print functional machine parts that would compete with fully machined aluminum parts. Since I design most of the products that I sell, I can design based upon using a 3D printed part in place of a customary aluminum part.

I designed a “Test Vehicle” (a representative part to demonstrate the use of FDM in place of aluminum) and acquired sample printed parts from several notable machine manufacturers. The Stratasys printer along with the software features and the close proximity of support swayed my decision to the U-Print Se Plus.

I received my printer within two weeks and had a very knowledgeable technician do the install and training. What I did not know before I purchased is that Stratasys incorporates a sneaky software trick that is designed to coerce me into buying raw plastic filament from them only at a 20X upcharge!

They incorporate a nifty IC chip within the filament feeder of the Filament material cassette. This chip has on its memory a code which corresponds to the amount of filament left on that particular spool. The IC chip is updated with the correct material inventory each time that material is used. This is very handy when you initiate a printing job that will require more material than you have in the material bay. The machine can let you know when your material is empty and it can also let you know that the current amount on the spool is not enough to finish the job in queue.

All of this is fine and very handy, however, Stratasys took this IC chip inventory idea one step too far. Once the IC chip reads zero inventory you cannot refill the spool and reset it to 100%. There is no way to reset the onboard inventory number on that chip. The machine will not use a new reloaded spool that has a chip reading zero inventory. The only way reset the chip is to purchase a new chip within a complete spool from Stratasys at a $205.00 per spool price tag. I was not told of this “Gotcha” until the installation was being performed. The installation Technician obviously felt bad for me, but there was nothing he could do about it.

I can purchase spools of ABS plastic filament (the same material used in the Stratasys machine) off of for $22-$25 per spool. I can also purchase a “Extrude Bot” machine from here in Chandler, AZ for $675.00.This machine uses raw (virgin) ABS pellets, the same material that an injection molder would purchase, and extrudes 1.75 mm filament (same that is used on the Stratasys machines) and spools it onto your spool for $5.00 per spool.

Stratasys claims that their reasoning is that their ABS “Plus” material is better and will work in the machine with fewer problems. If that is the case, Why not sell me the good material in bulk form (large spool) and give me the ability to reload my spools and reset the IC chips back to 100% inventory? I still use the good material, but I also can realize the full potential of my printer and use it for which I purchased it.

Now, I can’t compete with my printer against the smaller printers because they can extrude cheap material for 20X less cost than I can. I can’t even afford to do the simplest jobs because the material cost is too costly. Had I known about the material cost hijack, I would never have purchased the Stratasys machine. I had visions of a fleet of machines in my shop cranking out parts for my many Engineering customers. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.

This is like buying an expensive CNC milling machine to out-perform the smaller shops that only have manual machines and then find out that you can’t use standard raw materials from the material supplier. You have to purchase special material from the machine manufacturer at an exorbitant price. Who would do that?

Stratasys claims that is is like HP who sells you a cheap printer and then sells you the ink at a marked-up price. I contend that there is no comparison with this analogy. I do not sell printed paper. I use printed paper for inter-office communication etc. The 3D plastic, on the other hand, is exactly what I am selling. By jacking up the plastic cost and forcing me to buy it from Stratasys is, not only preventing me from utilizing my printer, but is swaying me from ever buying another machine from them.

I am sure the word is getting around to the would-be Stratasys customers who are electing to take their chances with other machines. This could be playing a roll in the fall of Stratasys’ value in the market. After all, it’s all about controlling your costs.

Best Regards,

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Did you buy your printer through an authorized re-seller? I bought my printer used off of eBay, but we did go to an authorized re-seller and they were very upfront about the cost of the printer and what is required for maintenance and such. The Stratasys uPrint that we have can print stuff that my $3000 printers can’t and that is where I use it. Yes, it cost about 20x more for the prints and probably takes 3x longer too, but it can definitely print very nice abstract, highly detailed models.

There are ways to crack the code as other people have said, but it will completely void that warranty. I don’t have a warranty, so I may try and attempt to do it myself. The other thing that my printer can’t do is print in any other color but ivory. Really? That is complete marketing to get you to by the next model up for $5K more… Now that is definitely a sham.

There is someone floating around a class action suit against Stratasys for their practice of tying filament to the printer. I don’t know if that has gotten anywhere yet.


I don’t know about the Color Filament issue. For my Mojo - they introduced different colors about 1.5 years ago. I would find it strange that the fancier bigger Bro’s to the Mojo don’t also offer some color filament variations.

As for Filament pricing - honestly - I do NOT think that they HIDE the Costs. If you buy a fancy StrataSys type printer - its up to you to research ALL costs BEFORE buying it. Its NOT a Hobby level printer - so you really can NOT expect prices at the Hobby level. Also - all filaments have various types of makeup to them - and, controlling the filament used INSURES Hi-Quality prints - which is what I see from my Mojo. And, the Soluble supports is Indispensable - along with the WaveWash system. I have produced prototypes with intricate jointed hinged type connections - VERY Small hinges - that just can NOT be done on Hobby Level printers!

Enough said…

So, yup. that material is very expensive. I have a similar requirement with my Dimensions 1200 ES BST, but if you do not buy and use authorized and actual material from Stratasys, it will void your warranty and your support you have to pay for yearly.

…yeah… sucks, right?

And how will they find out? Do they have cameras in your shop? They don’t keep track of this stuff.

I say hack the heck out of your printers boys and girls. Warranty costs too much, you are much better off just spending that 5K on spare parts every year. Its much cheaper this way, especially during the first 5 years. The machines break but not much. All the important parts they don’t warranty, so yes, all they give you is free lights, bolts and wires, great…

And yes, could you tell us how to hack the eprom please. I would like to know. I was able to completely hack the Objet 30 Pro.

Also, you can try other resin, its not a big deal, just make sure you clean the machine quickly after with cleaning material.

Btw, if you do have a warranty, call a technician and put a key logger on your PC & machine. They will input some special password to check on the machine, thats when you get it and can reset all this important information and “hack the warranty”


Keep you printer and computer that is hooked into it off line. That’s how they monitor the searial numbers of the matireal your using. Stratasys dose this so do the makers of da Vinci. da Vinci will shut your printer down if they find your not buying their material by the serial number of the filament cartridge.

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Try Tri-tech in the UK. I know that they are cheaper than that. Also, Objet printers are a commercial printer. For fun see a cheaper/FDM machine. I cannot understand the amount of people posting comments on problems they are having eith their Objets, when they are not using their machines in the intended way. Get over the hacker mentality!!!

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They keep track of the material don’t they? Are you naive enough to think they don’t monitor forums and take names too?

And what proof do they have that you do follow up with a post or saying the truth?

Get over the “serf” mentality.