Hi I Wanna Use usb thumb drive for printing as you know by a reprapdiscount full graphic display you can print models directly from sd card without a computer nearby. But sd cards are not really common so i wanna make a change that i can print directly from an usb thumb drive. at first I’ve searched for this topic and nothin came up so at first i tried to find a pinout option from sd to usb that i can use that sd card port but there is no pinout because the procedure of data transferring in sd card is different. so i searched for a usb module for arduino mega as i use on my printer so I’ve found CH376S usb module but I’m not a professional at electronics so if somebody can help me out or give me another idea i will really appreciate it. Thanks Amir

Hi! I admire your intentions here.

What are you using for electronics? RAMPS? How about the firmware? Marlin?

It might be time for new electronics - maybe a raspberry pi and octoprint.

You might be able to make arduino see the usb volume and furher hacks to make it see the file listing, let you select, navigate directories etc. however will likely be a lot of work.

Octoprint and others have all of this out of the box (dont know if they’ll work with the reprap discount smart controller)

Also check out wifi SD cards. Could be a cheap solution to your problem, like the Toshiba FlashAir SD for example

What about using OctoPi?

It’s really worth of it. Easy to use, ready to print “out of the box”, ability to watch live gcode, ability to connect a camera (raspberry module or webcam) in order to make timelapse or just to watch your print, control your printer from every device connected on the LAN…

I have a Lulzbot Mini and use OctoPi… the result is just what I would needed for just 30$.