Knowing that we have a machine that can actually print chocolate was very exciting, however also scary. We finally summoned the courage and launched our little chocolate factory!


This is of course the first try only, and we hope to improve ourselves for the next time.

The biggest challenge about this turned out to be getting the right consistency of chocolate for the printing. We have tried to follow the ideal recipe for the chocolate found in the Zmorph website , but we had to improvise a little bit , because we couldn’t find chocolate cupcake dressing. So we melted some actual chocolate into the mix just to get the brownish color!

At the end, we prepared two mixtures one more solid and another one less solid. However, I think what we needed was something right in between those two.

Actually putting the mixture in the nozzle and mounting it was a piece of cake, but maintaining a good “extrusion” was a toughest challenge. It was either extruding all the time or simply not extruding at all. Changing, mixing and experimenting with the chocolate took us the most of the time. But at the end we seemed to have everything calibrated and managed to create some sorts of shapes.

It was absolutely great fun!

The main lesson learned : We really need to work on the process of preparing the mixture according to the instructions! That’s for another time.

Have you guys tried printing chocolate with the machine?

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Arnie and the chocolate factory, ha!


Good to see that you are able to print with chocolate. We have a ZMorph printer recently purchased for chocolate printing and we are unable to print properly. Looks like we are messing with the settings in Voxelizer or unable to control the speed. Can you guide us through?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, everyone!

I am trying to print chocolate with Zmorph but it is really hard to adjust proper temperature and texture for chocolate. I have been trying with couverture type. How could you catch the right texture? Which temperature and viscosity is the right one to print an excellent 3D chocolate pieces without spreading? Did you measure the other parameters?

Please share any tips you know!