Hi guys

i was reading through a lot of tests and review from different channels but still not sure, which 3d printer i should buy.

i am an it engineer for about 10 years and do some rc flying in my free time. I wanted to do stuff gor the rc plane and also just wanted to get into the 3d print world.

my question, which printer should i buy first. Budget is around 300-400 usd.

currently on my list is:

geeetech i3

anet a8

anycubic i3 Mega

this are just the ones i get from a lot of list snd reviews.

what other could you recommend or have got the experience with?

i wanted to print pla and abs if possible to get some experience with the material.

best regards


So what printer did you end up going with? How’s your experience been with what you chose?

Can you recommend me the best printer as I am beginer in all this stuff? I just need to print some certificats for my custom essay writer my-custom-essays.com. And also maybe we will use it for some assignment…

If you just need simple parts using PLA that aren’t too large, I hear the Flashforge Finder is good for the money.

PLA machine is ok
Our resin machine over USD400

Sent you (@kamakama) an e-mail. Waiting to hear back.