Hello Guys , im New in Printing im sorry for long Post
My Printer Heater can`t Reach temp over 205C . and this result i reach after along time trying to resolve this problem … in first time My printer was Not reach 200C after that " i got Error Printer heated and stop "
then i change Heater And Nothing then i change thermistor And Nothing … then i change heater block and now its reach 205C and Filament melt Good and i got Some of module result … but the temp it not over 205C …
#2 the Fan not working Good with Heating … im using Blower Fan 12V .
in First Time when i was Turn Fan On 100% Speed . and Heating After acouple Of min i got " Thermistor run away " so i did PID Tune For Hotend … " M303 S250 C8" in first i field because cant reach temp over 205 with new Set " Heater Block + thermistor + heater " so i did PID tune on S205 and its work good and i got my value and i enter in marlin … i did turn fan again on … i cant heat … so im now using fan 50% on D11 Pin and its work good but not full power …
So Sorry for long Post ! :slight_smile:

My Board : MKS GEN V1.4
Firmware : Marlin 1.1.9
Printer : HyperCube
Heater : 12V 40W i think
thermistor : NTC 100k … i Set in marlin Type " 1 "
Power Supply : 12V 30A