Hello everyone! We recently finished assembling our Cultivate3D Beast and changing it from 4x synchronous printing to a standard dual extruder. However, I ran into a couple questions at this point: 1) In the Repetier Firmware there are options for the heated bed. However, our machine came with a silicone heater with a manual temperature control. How do I reflect this in the firmware, set it up as if the bed is unheated? 2) We pulled the two extruders on the X-axis together and bolted them so they won’t move independently. How does running a traditional dual extruder setup impact the settings in repetier firmware? Obviously we added the additional extruder to the firmware, but do I enter the space between the nozzles as the firmware X offset? Do I reduce the bed size to account for the reduced area of accessibility for the extruders? 3) Where does the Z-min Endstop belong? Should it be set up so that homing brings the bed up in contact with the nozzle and hits the Endstop at the same time as the nozzle? Thanks from everyone here at Access 3D Services, looking forward to being able to use this beast of a machine! Thanks, Joe Eckert, Operations Director, Access 3D Services

How has the printer been working for you?