Usind Newest M3D Mini…Using M3D PLA…have adjust and calibrated the base twice (it is now .035 on the corners and it is printing better and I have increased temp to 220) it gets about 1/3 of the way done on any and all models I have tried then the pieces come apart or move and I have yet been able to do any models successfully!!!

I am using external feed with no tension but I cant even print the external spool holder without it drifting at some point. I have tried turning off fan as I think it does cool the print too fast and it breaks away before it is done -(was peeling up on me)

I am new to M3D and 3D printing in general and very disappointed I cant get even the smallest print job to go the full print…and yes I have raft and wave bonding checked as well


I’ve never been able to print large flat things with mine, small tall things are no problem.

What are you using to hold the print to the build plate, Buildtak, tape, glue?

Maintenance. Lubricate your z axis with a silicone lubricant. Make sure your x and y axis are free of stray filament wire and other artifacts. (X and y are probably not your problem. ) The last thing is that your prints may not be sticking as well as you think. I have found the buildtak to degrade over time and prevent prober adhesion. Try painters tape. Alternatively you might want to check out octopi and the M33 Fio plugin.

I have now 3 print attempts. The first two did not go well due to the print moving during the print. I ran to CVS and bought an Elmers glue stick. Smeared in on the bed and the thrid print worked beautifully.