I’m printing with a Micro3D and using hatchbox PLA at 215 degrees celcius on blue tape. every time I print the PLA will not bond together, this causes the corners of my raft to warp up, long cracks in the print, and more often then not the print breaks when I take it off the bed. Also for some reason it adheres to the print bed just fine, it just doesn’t adhere to other PLA.

I print hatchbox at 185. Maybe your temps are to high? You could print a temperature calibration tower to find the best temperature.

Are you sure you don’t have an extruder jam?

Other than that, I would need to know more to further asses the issue.

What are your print speeds?

Layer height?

Pla should print OK all the way up to 230. after that the biggest difference is there are defects in the top of the print that indicate it was printed too hot. On top of that, high temps are better for layer adhesion. Honestly I would recommend you bump your PLA print temp to 200 to get stronger prints.

I don’t know if I can find print speed or layer height, i opened everything about it but I couldn’t find anything about layer height or print speed, also I forgot to mention, my first print worked fine and I have not changed any settings since then.

My prints become brittle above 190. At 200 they fall apart. Speed and extrusion play a bigger role in temperature and I go up to 260 when printing at over 120 MMS. Or when using a .8 nozzle. That all varies by printer and hot end tuning as well though.

What slicer are you using?

Im not using any slicer, the m3d program lets you shrink down prints

Shrink down prints? Do you mean scale things that are to large to print on that machine? Anyways the M3d program would be your slicer. Which I have never used unfortunately.

yeah, sorry i’m completely a novice a printing, but heard recalibrating helps with this problem so i’m going to try that

Hi! Try using a lower temperature your prints, a good start would be printing a heattower so you can find out the lowest temperate you can use for the PLA you currently have. For most of my PLA for example, I get very good results around 195C. Also, if you have a heated bed, it helps a lot to no have warped prints.

It could be the filament itself causing problems. Just because it is cheap to buy doesn’t mean it is good quality to print with. I’ve tried hatchbox in the past and found the filament terrible to use with my printers. Colors other than the hatchbox white seemed a bit more prone to environmental changes than other PLA brands I’ve used. If the filament wasn’t stored properly after use it always seemed to me each print I did with the filament got worst and worst. The filament diameter consistency also on the red and black rolls I had were terrible and that caused a lot of extrusion issues for me.

Maybe try a different brand of filament?

I took the plastic covering off the print head, it doesn’t look good, but it seems to have solved the problem. I wonder if the print head was overheating?