Im relatively ne to 3D printing im trying to print a ring and it is raising up in the south west and north west areas if the back of the 3D printer is north.
Using black ABS filament
extruding at 235
heated place at 110
I have no idea why this is happening it didnt at te begining

Need more info. Printer, slicer, bed type and material.

110 is a little warm and should be dropped after the first layer some.

Make sure the part cooling fan is not running.

Perhaps your nozzle-height is not calibrated correctly? A couple of pictures and a little more info would help determine the exact cause.

Thank you for your help and sorry it has taken me a while to reply,
It is a FlashForge Creator Pro
Im using Replicator G

The Material is ABS
How would i find the bed type and the cooling fan is not running.
From a little more research what is happening is called a an elephant foot but i cant figure out why its happening