I’m relatively new to the 3D world having only gotten my printer a couple of weeks ago. The printer is a CTC Dual for which i had read mixed reviews but i couldn’t argue with the price.

The thing has been printing great for the most part but as soon as i upgraded to Sailfish 7.7 i’ve been having trouble with “bridging” ( i guess thats what it is ) on circular prints. ( see attached image ) Can anyone give me any ideas on how to avoid this. I’m fairly certain its layer adhesion?

I’m using Slic3r for slicing and ReplicatorG 40r33 (sailfish) for creating x3g files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



This isn’t bridging: bridging is the process of connecting two parts of the model, like a bridge.

This looks like oozing. The streaks are from molten plastic coming out of the extruder when it’s transiting from one part of the model to another (and while it should not be extruding).

The he semi random nature looks like it might be happening when the z axis drops if you’ve got the option in slic3r to randomise the scar set, but that’s neither here nor there really.

There are two routes to dealing with this. First, try lowering your extruder temperature a bit and compare results- cooler plastic is more viscous and will dribble less.

The he next thing to try is tweaking retraction settings. This is much harder to get right.

A really good start here would be for you to read the simplify3d print quality guide (never mind that you don’t use simplify3d, it’s a really useful free guide for solving print quality issues. Free on their site. )

good luck.

Cool the layers by blowing a fan across the build plate. Solved all my printing issues with my CTC

Looks like underextrusion. Clogged nozzle, or printing too cold/too fast. The lumpy skirt gives it away.