I’m a total newbie to octoprint, but about to build raspberry pi setup for my Wanhao I3.

I work away a lot, so what I’d like to do is be able to do, is pause the printer, save the gcode co-ordinates switch the printer off. Then when I return power on the printer and reload the gcode coordinates and resume the print. Is this possible?

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I suppose it’s possible but I think you’re better off pausing the print then turn the heat off on your extruder and build plate.

Trying to resume a print after power down -power loss- failed print is a pain. Takes a lot of time to get your X and Y correct not to mention Z height. Also, when everything changes temperature it’s almost impossible to avoid a layer shift.

I agree with wasach, you would have to stop run dead and then resume from that point without invoking start up code and referencing op. its entirely possible program pause, shut down heater, extruder,and then restaert without ref overheat slightly to burn in, but you will always get a layer shift or at the very least a noticeable witness mark. I think overall safer just to let finish on its own. :slight_smile:

I was hoping that this one would have been answered up to this point. I have an absolute need for a panic park option in OctoPi. I live in an area that has power outages which is death to a 3d print. This sounds like right up OctoPi’s ally of expertise. Granted wold need to have something like a UPS trigger the panic park to the Pi, not hard. OctoPi knows exactly where it is in the print and if has time to give things to finish its commands and catch up to a 0:0 park and cool down.

Sounds like a plug in, I wish I had the skills to write such a thing. The part I don’t know is, how do you then take that park info and store it in a way that a resume panic plug in can read and go right back to where it was? Granted, wiggle in the print from sitting but, beats 100% failure as an option.

Are there options out there I don’t know about?