Hello, I just built my He3D delta kit and am not just finalizing the power supply wiring.

In the diagram provided by He, it has the brown wire connected to N and blue wire connected to L. This seems to be the reverse of everything else I’ve seen, it seems questionable.

Attached is the diagram. Can someone help advise?

Also what would happen if the wiring is reversed?

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As its an AC power (alternating current) its doesn’t matter the polarity, so just connect it as shown in the picture.

One suggestion, replace the power cable with a 3 wire one with proper ground (PC power cable will be perfect). The ground connector on the power supply is just next the N on the left regarding the pic (Lines in a Circle diagram), the ground cable must run directly from the wall socket to power supply without terminated by any switch. Also power supply’s case(the ground will be terminated to that) and your alu frame should have a direct contact for proper earth.

Second suggestion, if you have an old faulty PC power supply you can use its power connector to attach it to the ALU frame (also its switch can be used).

Just make sure that all wires are properly sealed.

Here is an idea:



Awesome, thanks for the reply and suggestion.


You are welcome.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

For calibrating of your printer, i suggest using this guide:


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Will a (AC 16Amp 250V male power socket)
(16Amp 18AWG power cord)
(16Amp 250V AC 3 Pin Rocker Switch) be compatible for my power supply?

I am also upgrading my printer, a Delta k280 and was wondering if these components are compatible? Please help