Could not replace C:\Users\Kalle\AppData\Local\Temp\build8185119812540562095.tmp\ConfigurationStore.h

is the error i’m getting when trying to up my new firmware. Looks like it’s trying to access a C drive location rather than my USB port 6 location.

How do I get Arduino to upload to the 3d printer? Pronterface sees the printer and connects on port 6 at 115200 BR so I don’t understand why Arduino isn’t seeing the machine board.

Help would be really appreciated for what is likely an easy answer. TIA

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This is an error writing to your temp folder, something the arduino ide tries to do before uploading to your board.

It can be a pain to track down. It could be a corrupted file in temp, write permissions, or you do not have the marlin software properly installed, and a host of other things.

Start here: Could not replace C: - Google Search

I think the solution you are looking for is here:

The last response on the chain was what I used to fix the same issue on my laptop last week. Hope this helps