Long story,

I bought a Canadian DIY build kit. I built the machine and had it running for a few days testing. I printed one small item (Square base cylindrical top) then went for something larger and it died halfway through.

Seems the voltage was off (I never adjusted the pot voltage as i wasnt told i had to, while doing this i was blamed for frying the pot and the company refused to send me a replacement board for free, only at cost. After receiving terrible customer service I refuse to give them any more money.

I ordered a replacement on alibaba that looked identical and it had a similar issue. I really just want to get back into 3d printing but actually have it print complete items. I have no issue if it doesn’t come out perfect and i have to learn how to tweak the sw. My experience has been 2 hardware failures and an almost impossible time getting replacement boards.

Is there a simpler process and what board today can i look for (this was 2 years ago, i’ve left the machine on a shelf since out of disgust. it’s supposedly a prusa model).

I had these working but wouldn’t layer properly, the nozzle would just move over 4 inches and keep trying the same pattern. obviously that is a fail. I tried adjusting the sw but it kept doing this.

What boards can i use that will work with this board that it was built to use. I have no model names or what boards are compatible with it and the software.

Any help that leads to me printing again (for once) would be invaluable

thank you