I am using PETG filament, a model that I recently printed took over 10 hours to print, when separating the print from the support material, part of the print snapped off. I have tried using super glue to bond the two parts back together but it isn’t a strong bond.

What is the best way to bond two PETG parts?

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I can’t believe, here in 2019 already, how hard it is to find any info or easy answers to bonding PETG.
Has anyone had success with bonding / gluing PETG parts to PETG and other materials? Any experience with the below Loctite products?

The ‘low-energy’ polyethylene part of PETG seems to be the big challenge for most adhesives.

Interested in PETG to PETG for general use, and PETG to carbon steel for grips on a hatchet.

Had a helpful conversation with a Loctite technical rep, and am considering these three products:

Loctite HY 4070 - a two part ‘hybrid’ cyanoacrylate/acrylic gel (mix of both the below chemistries)

Loctite AA 3035 - two part acrylic methacrylate adhesive gel system designed for bonding low energy plastics
(same root as above)/structural-adhesives/loctite_aa_3035.html

Loctite 480 - toughened (rubber added) ethyl cyanoacrylate with high shock resistance.
(same root as above)/product/instant-adhesives/loctite_480.html

Also interesting is the Loctite 4090…, a variant of the 4070.

These are all expected to work with low energy plastics, and a couple of them specifically reference as good for polyethylene.

Appreciate any suggestions for other products, too.

Thx - scottmi

Here are some discussions that may be of use.


And actually a simple Google search came up with thousands of good hits.